Compensation is available for injured persons and their families from potentially a number of different sources.



Insurance companies will often deny your claim and force you to challenge them. If you do not, you will lose the opportunity to claim benefits and damages to which you may be entitled.


“Accidents and injuries have a significant impact on our lives. They can be both frightening and frustrating to deal with.”

At Clermont, Clausi, Gardiner & Associates, we help navigate the insurance industry to help you receive your entitlements.  

The insurance system in Ontario is complex and a lawyer is recommended in order to protect the victim of an accident and give that person the best opportunity to recover from their injuries. Our personal injury lawyers are experienced and driven. They understand the impact that injuries have on both the individual and their family members.  We also understand the financial stress an injured person can suffer and, therefore, we offer a don’t-pay-until-we-settle option to our clients. Contact our office today for a free consultation at (613) 225-0037 or (email) You may also use the online personal injury intake form which will help us organize your information.