Since 1972, the association of lawyers at Clermont Clausi Gardiner & Associates has been providing legal services to clients in Ottawa and surrounding communities.  Our lawyers have successfully represented clients at many levels of court, tribunals and hearings.

In particular, we represent those who have suffered injuries due to a car accident; a motorcycle accident, a bicycle accident, a boating accident, a recreational vehicle accident (ATV, snowmobile) or as pedestrians. We also represent victims of a slip and fall, a trip and fall, disability claims, insurance claims, and dog bites or animal attacks. We also represent individuals who have suffered losses due to fire, real estate disputes and other civil and commercial litigation.  Our goal is to achieve maximum compensation for our clients.

One of our lawyers will meet with you at no charge to discuss the circumstances surrounding your accident and injuries and potential lawsuit. We will meet with you at your home or at your hospital.

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We can be contacted by Phone at 613-225-0037, by Fax at 613-225-0921 or be Email at or, or you are welcome to come visit us at our office located at 1447 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K2G 1W1.


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1447 Woodroffe Avenue,
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Phone: 613-225-0037
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